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SOCIAL PASSION support you in strategic planning, implementation and optimization of your social media activities.


News about Social Media & SOCIAL PASSION

Why Hospitality businesses should pay attention on their Facebook Reviews

3rd October 2016 By lena

Facebook Reviews are shown in the Google results now! The stars in the Facebook Page results have been there for a while, but new is that Facebook Ratings are presented in the Google (Maps) Business profile now. Read more…

SOCIAL PASSION NEWS: Retrospect and Prospects

29th November 2015 By lena

In the last couple years, exciting projects have brought me to Greece over and over again.  During this time the Greek Economic crisis was at a boiling point – a tremendously challenging time, but also a great opportunity. Challenge due to the situational uncertainty, but opportunity to be at the forefront of change. Read more…


31st October 2015 By lena

This article has not necessarily something to do with Social Media, but it is part of the digital business to think what is next, how will the world change through technology and new ways of communication. Read more…