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By lena

SOCIAL PASSION NEWS: Retrospect and Prospects

On 29, Nov 2015 | In SOCIAL PASSION NEWS | By lena

In the last couple years, exciting projects have brought me to Greece over and over again.  During this time the Greek Economic crisis was at a boiling point – a tremendously challenging time, but also a great opportunity. Challenge due to the situational uncertainty, but opportunity to be at the forefront of change.

I had the chance to work with inspiring people and visionaries and I also experienced a new forms of creativity and was subject to a new lifestyle.

During my time creating and implementing the social media strategy for the San Gorgio Hotel Mykonos, Member of Design Hotels TM, I experienced first hand  that society is becoming more and more detached from greedy materialism as a means towards personal satisfaction and moving towards an understanding that experiences are what they are after to feel joy.  This transformation became even clear to me than when I was creating the International Online Marketing strategy for Scorpios – beach, restaurant, rituals – the newest hotspot on the island.


While working on both projects I became enamoured with Greece. My happiness is still very deeply intertwined working with my clients in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. I would not be complete if I wasn’t travelling to be near them, but I also enjoy the time I spend in my apartment in Athens.

Instead of basing the approach for the above projects predictably by  visualising material circumstances e.g. using design elements or highlighting the quality of the food as is the tradition, the projects commanded something different. The social media strategies and communication rules I have implemented and developed for my clients in the past clearly were not going to work this time. The strategic vision now needed to highlight the power of being at the location as a personal enriching event .

The understanding of the ongoing change of needs, was the origin thought of both projects and base of my personal development to explore and use a new way of creativity and communication.

Social Media is my passion today more than ever before and I´m excited to devote recently developed techniques and my newly inspired creativity in all upcoming projects.


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I look forward to hearing from you!
Anna-Lena Radünz