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On 26, Sep 2013 | In | By lena


Social networks today offer companies a professional platform for customer acquisition, promotion and communication. Creating an account and linking once in a while to a product will not suffice. Companies need an individual Social Media Strategy from the start. Depending on the goals your company wants to reach in Social Web, different needs have to be addressed.

Social Media Strategies are attuned to the individual company and include more than just the marketing department. As the PR-department represents your whole company to the outside, social networks depict your whole company with all its facets. The Social Media Strategy has to fit to your company and its philosophy and be understood and internalized. Only a Social Media presence with authenticity and aiming at the right target group can contribute to the company’s success.

The sheer multitude of possibilities makes a Social Media Strategy important, since dependent on your company goals very different approaches will be applied. Social Media Strategies are individually adapted to your company and include all departments. The Social Media Strategy suits your company and its values and is applied throughout the staff to create an authentic impression.

Activities in Social Web focus on conducting a dialogue to reach a predefined goal. A strategic plan sets the budget and resources, and the ways to reach this goal. Social Media are based on dialogues, which translates—for companies—as business relations. Similar to business meetings preparation is the key. Beforehand the negotiation basis, strategy, and available resources are evaluated and stipulated. In Social Web this preparation phase equals the compilation of your Social Media Strategy.

Social Passion’s Social Media Strategy Consulting

The point of all corporate activities in Social Web is a dialogue to reach predefined goals. The strategic planning of Social Passion contains the following issues:

  • Status quo and analysis of competitors
  • Analysis and definition of your goals regarding the company strategy
  • Deciding about appropriate channels
  • Charting and distribution of resources
  • Determining the budget relating to the defined goals
  • Compiling the schedule and plan for realization

A Social Media Strategy embeds the financial and spiritual conditions and possibilities, each company is biased with. The basis of the Social Media Strategy is the analysis of the target group and the selection of appropriate channels.
Before Social Passion shows you in a Social Media Strategy Consulting your possibilities and frames the roadmap and guideline for your activities, it is crucial to agree upon the target group: Who shall be reached and addressed in Social Media? What do users expect from you? How do they feel approached? Who do you like to have as customers? Where do these spend their time in Social Web? These and further questions are answered in a Social Media Analysis which forms the basis for your Social Media Strategy.