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On 26, Sep 2013 | In | By lena


By using Social Media You can reach the most different goals and attend the whole sale process. Companies should orientate towards existing company goals, define these, and adjust the Social Media Strategy to these consequently. So success becomes visible and measurable.

It makes a big difference whether You are present on Facebook to improve Your products or to attract new customers. In any case, to succeed You need to know Your goals and define them.

47 % of German companies use Social Media.

15 % of German companies plan to use Social Media.

66 % of German companies, already active in social networks, do not have defined goals.

82 % say that increasing brand awareness is a goal.

72 % say that attracting new customers is the main purpose.

Sources: (N)onliner Atlas 2012, BITKOM

Corporate Social Media use differs substantially from private use. In 2012, 70 % of all companies being active in social networks had no strategy. As a result, many companies withdrew from social networks, since there was no clear indication of success relating to efforts. Retrospectively, the multitude of goals a company can aim at in Social Media makes it essential to know what to aim for. Never to define clear goals means never to know whether activities are successful.

“Social networks create new possibilities, but the goals remain the same.” Anna-Lena Radünz

Potential Social Media Goals for your company:

Market research

– Developing innovations, Crowd sourcing, Optimizing products, Identifying needs, Testing products and concepts

Marketing and PR

– Press relations and public relations, Communication and information, Provoking needs, Promotion, Expanding scope and user base, Establishing an image

Distribution (Social Commerce)

– Supporting the sale process, Increasing sales, Creating a shopping experience, Attracting new customers, Using recommendations

Human Resources (Social Recruiting)

– Finding personnel, Binding employees

Customer Loyalty

– Binding customers and caring for them, Establishing loyalty and trust, Service and support

Social Passion is ready to define Social Media Goals for your company. Ask for an offer without obligation today!

<Read, why defining Social Media Goals is the basis for your Social Media Strategy.>

A Social Media Analysis depicts the status quo, existing company goals, and new communication goals. In many cases the internal company image differs from the image presented online. These differences result in communication goals, which are considered and included in the Social Media Strategy.

It takes a lot of experience and insights to transfer conventional marketing theories to the dynamics of Social Media processes. Social Passion offers intensive and individual Social Media Consulting and accurate guidelines to accompany you into Social Web.

Social Passion assists you with strategic planning and conducting your Social Media activities.

Strategic Social Media Consulting and Realizing

Social Media Workshop and Employee Training

To train your employees optimally for the demands of Social Web, you can book the Social Media Strategy Workshop which is adapted to the individual needs of your company.

To get first deeper insights into the chances of Social Web or to train your employees to the strategic use of Social Media, Social Passion also offers individual workshops and seminars.