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On 26, Sep 2013 | In | By lena


Content Management for successfully conducting a Social Media Strategy.

Today, no company can ignore the internet, and especially social networks. To present a company in Social Media, setting up a Facebook profile and believing in its success will not suffice. To reach the target groups on Facebook or Twitter and to strengthen the company image sustainably, you need a strategy for creating content for your Social Media activities.

Tuning Content towards the target groups

If you already have a Facebook company profile or if you plan to setup one, Social Passion assists you in planning your Social Media contents. Firstly we discuss your goals you aim at with your Facebook and Twitter and other Social Media profiles. Social Passion generates a monthly plan and publishes the entries, articles and other content items accordingly.

Instead of sporadically posting content without a clear goal, Social Media compiles an individual content schedule according to your communication goals.

Letting pros write your Social Media Content

To let others write your texts for your Facebook profile is more than time-saving. Social networks follow their own rules. Twitter and Facebook not only rely on the content of posts and tweets, but as well on diction and length. Social Passion creates your Social Media texts efficient and custom-fit to achieve the impressions and effects aimed at.

Editorial assistance of Facebook and Twitter profiles by professionals

You can rely on the editorial competences of Social Passion and concentrate on your business and ventures. Monthly calls ensure that your company and your Social Media presences keep synchronized. New products and topics, on which your Social Media profiles should focus, are discussed regularly. Immediately, you receive your individual content schedule for approving. Then content is published according to the schedule.

Social Passion’s Flexible Content Management

Social Media networks are in constant change, like your company. You want to publish something newsworthy or spontaneous—just call Social Passion. Posts, additionally to your schedule, are always welcome.

In case you have to respond personally on your Facebook or Twitter profile, e.g. answering a question, you get an e-mail, text message or call, as you wish.

Social Passion not only creates texts for Social Media, but other content as well. Campaigns, raffles or accompanying advertisements are integrated in your content schedule and help expanding your scope and range.