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On 26, Sep 2013 | In | By lena


More than 1.2 billion people worldwide are active in the social network Facebook. Social Passion assists you in planning and conducting your Facebook marketing strategy. We offer services in two fields:

Optimizing your Facebook profile for Facebook marketing

The basis for successful Facebook marketing is an optimal Facebook profile. Social Passion creates a user-friendly company page and takes charge of tracking.

Facebook Ads at the heart of Facebook marketing

We design and book advertisements on Facebook pointed at your target group. Thanks to the extensive user data you can reach your target group exactly and efficiently. On Facebook you can decide whether you want to reach singles or couples, which sex, age, occupation your target group has, or where people live you want your Ads shown to.

The worldwide user-base of Facebook generates new data each day fed into the social network. You can use these data about age, home, hobbys with targeting your ads. Facebook Ads deliever a high degree of effectiveness and reduce wastage. Social Passion creates and optimizes your Facebook ads.

Next to compiling and conducting Social Media Strategies, Social Passion offers assistance in using Facebook applications and tools.

Competitions, raffles & Co on Facebook

In conducting activities and campaigns on Facebook some rules must be obeyed. These are applicable law and Facebook Promotion Guidelines. Both prohibit likes, comments, sharing or marking posts as basis for participating a raffle. Therefore company profiles can use applications to conduct campaigns on Facebook.

Facebook Applications

Together with Berlin based Social Media agency “webvitamin” we prepare the technological basis for creative and viral Facebook campaigns. Social Passion is ready to take charge of the whole process, serves as your contact partner and assists you in devising a creative idea beforehand.

We advise to accompany each Facebook marketing campaign with Facebook Ads to place your campaign at the desired target group and to broaden the range and virality of your campaign.