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By lena


On 31, Oct 2015 | In Social Media | By lena

This article has not necessarily something to do with Social Media, but it is part of the digital business to think what is next, how will the world change through technology and new ways of communication. Social Media is not even a new way of communication anymore but still one of the latest kinds of communication who has establish itself  in our daily lives. Working in the digital business means to be creative every day, to think out of the box to see the next big thing coming or even see whats needed and nobody thought about it yet.

Sometimes we just stuck in our daily life and following a routine without thinking about the big pictures around it. This video inspired me to think different for a moment and I want to share it with you.

Get your thoughts out of the box and enjoy!

What does a futurist do? How do they think? Why do they engage in this profession? This short film called The Futurist explains what I do as a futurist and gets into why I do it. Do you want to know how Glen Hiemstra, Founder of, thinks? Check out the short video.See this and more video at

Posted by Glen Hiemstra on Mittwoch, 28. Oktober 2015