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Social Media & Online Marketing for the Hospitality Industry


How to use and implement Online Marketing & Social Media successful in the Hospitality Industry.

Social Passion I Hospitality offers trainings and consulting about Social Media and Online Marketing to assist companies in the hospitality industry strategically and conceptually to improve their business.


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After 4 years of experience in the hospitality industry (which I’ve talked about before here), I realised more and more that this industry has different needs and circumstances when it comes to the implementation of Online Marketing & Social Media. 

So I started thinking about how I can help Hotels, Restaurants, Beach Clubs, Bars or Concierge Services in a different and far more successful way. 

I just couldn’t get it out of my head that this entire industry, which is so dependent on Online Marketing & Social Media, can’t afford to implement it in an efficient and revenue raising way. By can’t afford, I mean businesses don’t have enough time, resources and budget. 

My passion is to help businesses use Online Marketing & Social Media to get more successful. So I challenged myself to find a way to support hospitality businesses as well, no matter how small or big they are or where in the world they may be. 

The result is a 10-week online training course, customised for the needs of hospitality businesses. In 10 weekly lessons, including some additional how-to material, “homework”, and one-to-one calls with me for questions or support during the implementation, I will teach Hospitality Owners & Managers as well as their team, exactly what they need to know to implement Online Marketing & Social Media in their business, in a time efficient and successful way.

And because I want to give you a little preview of my teaching method and what success means for the hospitality industry, I created my first free webinar, which is available here! 

FREE WEBINAR “How to increase direct bookings for your hotel with Online Marketing & Social Media” Sign up here

Even though this webinar is very customised to the needs of hotels, my 10-week program is geared towards everyone in the hospitality industry, and I will announce free webinars for Restaurants, Beach Clubs, Bars and Concierge Services soon! 

Like my Facebook page “SOCIAL PASSION hospitality” to learn more and be the first to know when my next free training is available! 

Maybe you don’t work in the hospitality industry? (I know not all my contacts do.) And are you wondering if this kind of training will be available for other industries too? The answer is yes! I am planning to do so in 2017! 

For which industries, you might ask? I have some ideas, but have not made a final decision yet. So if you are interested in a 10-week online training course to bring your Online Marketing & Social Media to the next level, simply reply to this e-mail with the industry you are working in and I will put it on my list! 

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