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Social Passion was founded in 2012 by the specialist for marketing and Social Media manager Anna-Lena Radünz.

Social Passion offers workshops and consulting about Social Media and online reputation to assist companies strategically and conceptually in Social Web. Further services include editorial assistance with Social Media channels, Facebook marketing and conducting Social Media Strategies.


The Woman Behind Social Passion

Anna-Lena Radünz supervised at the performance marketing agency “metapeople GmbH” mainly Social Media, SEO as well as affiliate marketing at the subsidiary “metaapes GmbH”. Before, the Social Media manager worked as in-house SEO and marketer at an IT-company. The basis for her professional career was laid with her education as advertising tradeswoman. In parallel she was trained as marketing merchant and was certified as “Social Media Manager” at the Social Media Academy Mannheim.

Anna-Lena Radünz is

  • Assistant professor at the St. Gallen Management Institute
  • Assistant professor at the Zurich School of Management
  • Assistant professor at the University Rostock
  • Certified Social Media Manager (SMA)
  • Advertising Tradeswoman (CCI)
  • Marketing Merchant (CCI)

  • 15 years experience in marketing and advertising
  • 6 years experience in online marketing & social media
  • Specialist in Online Marketing & Social Media for the hospitality industry since 2012 

With Social Passion Anna-Lena Radünz cares for customers like Continental Reifen GmbH in Hannover, Möbel Höffner in Berlin and the San Giorgio Hotel Mykonos, Member of Design Hotels TM. Read further references.