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SOCIAL PASSION support you in strategic planning, implementation and optimization of your social media activities.


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6 tipps how to create a innovative social media campaign

1st February 2015 By lena

Social Media is dead, marketing doesnt metter anymore?
I think we haven´t even started to use the full potential of those tools.

Here are 6 tipps how to create a innovative marketing campaign: Read more…

7 great ways for companies and brands to use Hashtags

29th December 2014 By lena

by James Belias
James Belias is a Marketing and Social Media enthusiast from Melbourne, Australia. James has been the Manager of Marketing and Special Events at one of Australia’s more popular and best promoted nightclubs, Alumbra. Read more…

The Apple Watch

22nd December 2014 By lena

The Apple Watch will be on the market in Spring 2015 and will provide the opportunity to get rid of the bad habit of checking our smartphones every 2 minutes.

Read more…